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Sonos: Products & Services

Sonos is an online store that sells Sonos brand name audio gadgets and devices to a Global market. This audio equipment allows consumers to get the best out of their digital music listening experience.

Sonos offer a specialised selection of devices for in-home audio, as well as audio ‘on the go’.  The in-home equipment is compatible with all Sonos equipment; this affords its consumers with the ability to upgrade individual modules, as well as build upon the systems.

For true music fans looking for the ultimate Hifi sound, speaker amplification, or a means to stream music from an existing Home Theatre, Sonos provides a one-stop shop to meet a variety of needs. Sonos offer a selection of free music controller APP downloads, which are available for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Their range of products also includes a Dock, which allows users to play their music direct from their iPod or iPhone.

Sonos: Company Background

Sonos have been in operation for 10 years, and commenced trading in 2002. The company founders include John MacFarlane and Trung Mai. The central focus of Sonos is to provide equipment that caters for digital music listeners, enabling them to experience an improved sound quality. The company operates from a number of bases in different countries across the world; these include Germany, Penang, France, UK, China, Netherlands, and the US. The company headquarters are located in Santa Barbara, US.

 Sonos Contact Address:

Sonos Headquarters

223 E. De La Guerra
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
+1 805 965 3001
+1 805 965 3010

Sonos: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customers point out that the Sonos range is generally quite expensive, but the general consensus is that for the quality of the product in terms of longevity and functionality, it’s money worth-spent.

“…If we could, we'd fill our houses with stunning Sonos hardware. The only problem would be figuring out how to pay for it all…”[Cnet]

“…Worth every penny. used nearly every day since i bought it from Amazon, and its never failed me once…”[Cnet]

The equipment comes with clear instruction that enables customers to set-up their purchases quickly and without any problems.

“…Unless the units unpacked themselves, sprouted legs, and walked to where we wanted them, setting them up couldn't have been any easier…”[engadget]

No matter how old the consumer is.

“…I just bought one of these for my 72 y/o Mom and even she had no problem setting it up…Sonos uses its own frequency to deliver music via the Bridge component. It seems to me to be much more stable than standard wifi used by most cheaper systems…”[BestBuy]

Aesthetic appearances get the thumbs up too.

“…The glossy finish looks beautiful (before dust and fingerprints get on it) and it has that solid, hefty feel that oozes the sense of quality. The overall design is compact, yet striking…”[Amazon]

Even casual music listeners are hooked by Sonos equipment, and return for more. This happy customer was particularly delighted with the function that enables him to override his kids’ music.

“…I was thrilled with my purchase and after getting a speaker for one room, I quickly got more for the rest of the house. The kids each control their own music choices from their rooms (or I can override from my i-phone) Are you listenting parents I CAN OVERRIDE FROM MY I PHONE!…”[Amazon]

A reviewer from Macworld described the equipment to be top of its class, though a little pricey.

“…We haven’t seen a system that so effectively combines digital music, wireless convenience, ease of use, and gadget-lust fun.” Over a year has passed, and my impressions haven’t changed: This is still the most complete and easy-to-use multi-room audio system I’ve seen…”[MacWorld]

There are very few negative comments about Sonos, and they aren’t dissatisfied customers as such. For example, this man had an issue with the range of a controller not being quite what was hoped for.

“…So all in all, although I am happy with the purchase, there are ancillary costs that should be factored in. This is costing more than I thought…”[Amazon]

A review that appeared in the Guardian suggests that Sonos is becoming more affordable for the everyday consumer, and gives Sonos a glowing report.

 “…Overall? A winner. And the general downward trend in prices for Sonos kit has to be welcome…” [Guardian]

There doesn’t appear to be any serious issues with the way in which Sonos conducts itself. It sells quality products that live up to their reputation and are often better than expected. Customers do mention the high costs, but this isn’t hidden. They are usually of the opinion that they get what they pay for and the equipment is worth the expense. In answer to the issue over costs, Sonos are becoming more competitive with lowering their costs.

Sonos: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Sonos does not have an accreditation with the Better Business Bureau; however, this is most likely due to Sonos having not put forward an application. There are no listings of complaints received by the Better Business Bureau with regards to Sonos.

The GDUSA 2012 was awarded to designers for their work on Sonos packaging.  The Sonos brand is listed in the highly respected ‘What Hi Fi?’ and ‘Wired’.  ‘Play 5’ was awarded the ‘27th Annual Editors’ Choice’ at Macworld. Sonos received a honourable mention in the 2011 Best App Ever Awards. They also won The Best Multi-Room Streaming System, Awards 2012, for their Play 3 equipment.  The Guardian has positively reviewed Sonos a number of times, as well as giving them the occasional mention in news articles.

In general, Sonos has gained a positive reputation. Its own brand products are held in high regard, and Sonos is very much a household name when it comes to digital audio equipment.

Sonos: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Markosweb shows that receives 8.84K visitors to its site every month. According to WebStatsDomain, the Sonos site has a Google PageRank of 6/10. It has an Alexa Global ranking of 25,774, which is very good. The website is estimated to be worth $18,407.  The average number of Pageviews per user is 3.1. The site is mainly popular with US citizens, and they account for 32.9% of the visitors. Traffic to has a tendency to fluctuate during the course of a 12-month period. For example, it can be seen that in the run-up to Christmas, there is an increase in traffic.

Sonos: Social Media Presence

Sonos have established a strong social media presence on the Internet. They have several LinkedIn accounts, including the Sonos users group, the vice-president Trung Mai account, and the Sonos, Inc company account. The Sonos Inc LinkedIn account is very active; it’s mainly used to post news of job openings.

Sonos also maintain an active forum on their own website, and the German branch of ‘Sonos’ maintains a blog. Their Google+ account has +1,718, and again, this is posted to frequently. The postings vary from general interest to competitions. The main Twitter account has 10,714 Tweets, 10,811 Following, and 26,838 Followers. Comments are very interactive, and vary from music recommendations, requests for ideas, competition announcements, US elections, and so on. The Sonos YouTube account has two main categories of uploaded music. The first comprise of video interviews with users. The second category includes instructional videos. The Sonos Facebook account has 134,963 Likes, and 4,549 Talking About This.

It’s clear that the company are considerate towards its customers through its friendly and interactive social media presence. It can be seen that they have the uncanny ability to remain professional while not distantly aloof. They inject a sense of ‘fun’ into their social media postings without compromising their credibility. Sonos do not use social media platforms for hard-sales tactics.

Sonos: Website Security & Safety

Out of 51 pages tested by Google Diagnostics, there was no sign of malicious malware or suspicious activity on The site has a Webutation of 100/100 for safety; this includes a WOT rating of ‘excellent’. FairSSL indicates that have high security SSL certificates in place, which means that it is safe for the consumer to carry out transactions on the website. However, one of the certificates lacked the server name.

Sonos: Pricing & Packages

The Sonos Play 3 won the Best Multi-Room Streaming System, Awards 2012, and is currently one of their most popular products. It has a combination of an amplifier, speakers and a network music client. Audio may be streamed from Internet radio, Spotify and Napster. It’s priced at £259 with free delivery, and a free Bridge (worth £39).

A comparable gadget is the Logitech Squeezebox Touch, which retails at £259.

The Sonos Play 5 enables amplification of digital audio through its 5 amplifiers and 5 speakers. It’s suitable for one room, but further Sonos products are available to extend audio throughout the home. This is currently priced at £349 with free delivery.

A comparable product is the Bose Soundlink Air Digital Music System; this currently sells for £299.95 with free delivery.

The Play 5 is pricier than the Bose system. However, the Bose system has an on-site rating of 3.11 (out of 19 reviews), while the Play 5 has an on-site rating of 4.3 (out of 483 reviews). With this in mind, customers who buy the Play 5 tend to be more satisfied with their purchase, than the customers who buy the Bose are. It’s also clear that Sonos attract a significantly higher number of consumers. Therefore, when considering the quality of the product, it would seem that Sonos price their equipment at competitive prices.

Sonos: Shipping Rates & Policies offers free shipping, and provides an online facility for its customers to track their orders. Sonos usually ship orders the same day that they are placed; however, they advise that it may take an extra 24 hours on occasion.  Sonos has online shops located in Germany, Penang, France, UK, China, Netherlands, and the US. Goods are shipped from warehouses that are closest to the customer’s place of residence. In addition, Sonos products are available from thousands of retailers across the Globe, and other online shops such as Amazon. It is advised that items ordered from may take up to 5 working days for delivery. For multiple purchases, the items may not necessarily arrive at the same time. This is due to the fact that they may be sourced from different warehouses. There is no evidence to suggest that they do not ship on time.


Sonos: Payment Methods Accepted

Sonos accepts major credit and debit cards for online payment through a secure gateway. Currently, the only alternative payment method it accepts is Paypal. The company also offer an easy payment solution for customers, specifically by setting up a direct debit and spreading the cost of payment over a lengthier period of time. It may be noted that if a customer wishes to use a payment method that is outside of those mentioned, then Sonos advise that the customer contacts them via phone or email so that this may be facilitated.

Sonos: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

All items may be returned, and are fully refundable within 45 days of purchase. If the product isn’t faulty, then the customer is responsible for any return shipping costs. Equipment that develops a defect may be returned within 1 year of purchase.

Products under warranty will be repaired or replaced by, except in the situations where a customer has misused the product, removed the serial number, opened up the casing, or used incompatible equipment with the item.

The Sonos equipment must be sent back in its original packaging. The product will be repaired and returned to the customer within 14 days; otherwise, upon failure to remedy the fault, a replacement item will be sent.

Customers have occasionally received a newer model to the one that was sent in for repair, and there is no apparent evidence to suggest that the company does not adhere to its returns, refunds and exchange policies.

Sonos: Product images & screenshots
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